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Finding Time to Write

During my half-hour complimentary sessions, I repeatedly encounter this question, “How do I find the time to write?” This is a common challenge for writers. In addition, I reveal how I make time to write in the many articles in Publishing SOLO Magazine. Once you conquer the issue of finding time to write, you are well on the way to a successful writing experience.

The Issue — Time to Write

Most people are overwhelmed with continuous responsibilities and obligations in modern times. When does anyone have time to write? For example, today, I paid for health insurance; put gasoline in my car; updated my computer software; repaired my computer; update my home security system; replaced my car’s botched door strip; and changed my cell phone plan. For most people, this is a normal day — who has time to write?

Financial life is also complex. For instance, I have been talking to Amazon regarding the money they owe me to for the past year. Plus, my bank needs to issue a refund for the $5/month they are taking from my savings account. I am also missing two checks from a small income stream which are lost in the mail. Financial issues gobble up time daily—we pay in money or in time.

Tricks to Make Yourself Write!

1. Create a Writing Lockdown

Many unsung writers have emerged during the lockdown. However, since then, the concept of lockdown can also be applied to writing. In 2009, I a 3-month writing lockdown in the Caribbean to write and publish a book to Amazon. This self-enforced lockdown was transformational. The book I wrote paid my rent for 6 years hence. Follow the lockdown concept and come to the Caribbean for a writer’s retreat!

2. Write About What You Love

In the 21st century, you no longer need to be a scholar, novelist, or bestseller to write a book. Indeed, society has created stereotypes — but, digital publish obliterated these. Now, you may write about what you know and love, and your writing will find its niche. You will likely notice your words flow effortlessly and you will not be able to stop writing. However, even half an hour a day of writing will make great progress. An author friend wrote from 5:00 to 5:30 a.m. daily for 10 years and published 14 books — one of them a bestseller.

3. Make Writing a Habit

I could only recommend one trick, I would say make writing a habit. Schedule at least half an hour per day to write. Most people waste that time on their phones or watching TV. By habitually writing even one hour a day, after a month, your book will have been magically written.

4. Conquer Writer’s Block

As a publishing coach, I always tell my writers to forget about what their writing looks for sounds like. First, nail down the heart and soul of the concept. Do not let yourself get distracted from your story with editorial details. Content edit and proofread later. Do not let your friends, family, and colleagues read your work until you are published — this will throw you off track and cause delays, insecurities, and writer's block. Also, spell-check is not your best friend. Avoid focusing on content and correct form at the same time or both will suffer. First things first. Get to the passion of what you want to say in writing. Then, you can proofread and polish the format.

5. Blog Daily

Would you like a magical way to write a book in no time? Commit to providing an article daily or weekly for a blog. First, organize your book concept, then blog chapters as articles. The bonus of blogging is that you will gather a following as you write your book. Go to and start a blog on the subject of your book now. Tell me how this trick worked for you later.

6. Publish

Best-selling author Jack Canfield once said that writing a book without publishing it is like having a baby and leaving it on a doorstep. Create a plan to publish your book and stick to a timeline. Traditional publishing is a high bar for many writers, but self-publishing is affordable and doable. As an entrepreneur, make a plan to make a profit by offering to speak, coach, consult and teach courses in your field of expertise.

7. Register for a Writing Retreat

Maybe none of the tricks above will work for you. Some people have to completely detach from their environment to even think about writing. My first 3-month sabbatical to the Caribbean launched my writing career. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. Becoming an author can increase your net worth and self-worth dramatically. My retreats are private and can be conducted on your schedule. Often celebrities and CEOs need this outlet to get their books published. If you wish to know more about private writing and publishing retreats in the Caribbean, contact me for a complementary half-hour consultation.

P.S. Why do I do these complementary half-hour coaching sessions? First of all, I love to teach independent publishing. Secondly, I know even one smart idea may improve a writing project by up to 50%. This brings me great joy, even if I never hear from that writer again. Thirdly, I can help authors in the making to experience the exhilaration of becoming a published author.

Once you are ready to publish, read my article on self-publishing tips called When Self-Publishing a Book, What Pitfalls Must Writers Avoid? Or, for a step-by-step guide to self-publishing, read Self-Publishing for Dummies — Part 1 and Self-Publishing for Dummies — Part 2.

If you would like to learn more about my writing journey, read The Day My Writing Became Real. Then, for further information, explore Melissa Tydel’s article titled How to Find Time to Write.



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